Intitutional Healthcare Services

SEESHA’s healthcare facilities aim to bridge the gap between quality and affordability of healthcare services.

SEESHA Karunya Community Hospital

Located at Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore, this is SEESHA’s institutional health outreach project, offering affordable healthcare to the poor.

The salient features of the hospital are:
  • Outpatient capacity of 150 patients
  • Inpatient facility, with 45 beds, soon to be expanded to a capacity of 150
  • Experienced and well-trained medical team
  • Both surgical and diagnostic treatment facilities
  • State-of-the art endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical facilities
  • Dental and physiotherapy services
Pain Relief Centre

With expert physiotherapists provides treatment and therapy for persons with muscular pain, joint pain and other physical disabilities.

SEESHA Medical Centre

Located in Coimbatore city is an extension of the Community Hospital and provides subsidized healthcare services to the economically backward living in Coimbatore city.