Transgender Community Development


Transgender persons are among the most marginalized sections of society, often rejected by their own families. When their own families reject them, they miss out on the chance for a normal childhood and education. When they are ostracized by society, they are denied job opportunities. In the struggle for survival, they are pushed into beggary and sex work for a living.

At SEESHA, we believe in a non-discriminatory society. In this effort, we work with such sections of society who are often side-lined and denied many of the privileges enjoyed by others. The transgender community is one among them.


We wish to expand our work with the transgender community, by reaching out to more of them with opportunities that are often denied them by society. Our current work:

  • Identifying suitable employment opportunities for educated transgender persons
  • Providing scholarships to transgender persons who wish to educate themselves
  • Training transgender persons to become skilled by providing such platforms in collabo ration with industry-renowned brands/companies
  • Creating employment opportunities for trained transgender persons through in-house production units
  • Organizing biannual events where transgender persons are allowed to participate and express themselves
  • Supporting children living with and are being raised by transgender persons


While there are many non-profit organizations in India that work with transgender groups to create awareness about sexual health and safe sex, SEESHA is among the few organizations that is working to help such persons come out of beggary and commercial sex work by providing them with alternative opportunities. We are also taking steps to dispel myths, create awareness, and propel towards a transgender inclusive society which will be kinder to people like them.

If you believe in a non-discriminatory society, you too will be motivated to work towards the cause of transgender persons. Join us!