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In India, every 4 in 10 senior citizens are facing abuse of some kind, most of it from their own family members.  Day after day, many of them are forced out of the comfort of their own homes and into the streets.

SEESHA is reaching out to such senior citizens, helping them live worry-free retired lives, despite the aches of age, the pressures of poverty, and the despair of destitution.

The SEESHA Old Age Care Home in Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore is a warm and welcoming home, providing for the physical, emotional and psychological needs of senior citizens who have been abandoned by their own families.

Our Senior Citizen Outreach provides financial and psychosocial support to senior citizens living a life of poverty in urban poor and remote rural regions through our outreach projects.

How you can help:
  • Support the needs of a destitute senior citizen – Rs. 250/- per day
  • Contribute to the construction of an integrated retirement village for 300 senior citizens – Rs. 3700/- per sq. ft.
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Our Projects

SEESHA designs and implements projects relevant to the needs of people from all sections of the society, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender or religion. Each of the projects function in their own unique ways to propel the journey towards holistic development, fuelled by indicators such as using education, health, environment and livelihood.The projects are set both in community as well as institutionalised settings. Primarily, we work with children, youth, women, men, families, persons in need of physiological and psychological care, the differently-abled, senior citizens, and victims of natural disasters. Together, these individual projects are equipped with the power to transform entire communities.

Child & Youth Development

SEESHA nurtures young dreams and moulds children and youth into change-makers of their communities and the nation through a range of tailor-made development projects.

Child & Youth Development

Create an impact that will rewrite the destiny of children in need.

Women Empowerment

At SEESHA, we transform shy, uneducated women into empowered individuals through trainings and development programmes.

Women Empowerment

Transform the lives of women across India.

Service to the Elderly

SEESHA reaches out to the elderly who are abandoned and destitute in order to assure them a healthy and dignified retired life.

Service to the Elderly

Become part of the noble cause to care for the orphaned, destitute or abandoned.

Differently-abled Care

With the vision of an inclusive society, SEESHA trains, counsels and motivates the differently-abled to lead independent and self-sufficient lives.

Differently-abled Care

Let us build an inclusive society where every life is valued!

Health Outreach Projects

SEESHA health outreach projects aim to make quality healthcare affordable to the poor, even in the remotest of communities.

Health Outreach Projects

Join in the mission of saving lives.

Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation

SEESHA’s country-wide network of volunteers responds to the need for relief, providing basic provisions and financial assistance to those affected by natural disasters.

Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation

Provide timely help for victims of natural calamities.

SEESHA Updates

  • Regenerating our Forests
SEESHA & Forest Department of Vyara Division (Gujarat) have taken on a joint initiative to convert barren hills in the area into forest cover! In just 4 days, over 2200 saplings of Khair, Mahua, Palpali, Teak, Sitafal, Salai, Madiri & other trees were planted in 2 hectares of land on a barren hill.
Children from our Vajpur and Ekalkham Child Learning Centres participated in the planting of these saplings, along with forest officials. Thanks to their efforts, these hills will soon be transformed into lush forests, providing a home to animals and birds as well as fruit & other forest produce for the tribals living here!
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  • 30,000 School Kits for Kids
School Kits for Kids

Year after year, SEESHA is identifying children in need and motivating them to go to school with a SEESHA School Kit containing 14 educational essentials. Even this year, through the generous contributions of donors and ambassadors, SEESHA has distributed 30,000 school kits to children across India.

The inaugural ceremony of this year’s school kit distribution was presided over by Dr. Paul Dhinakaran (Founder – SEESHA) in Chennai on 2nd July, 2017.

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  • Business Start-up for Transwomen

Rejected by their own families and ostracised by society, transgender persons are usually unable to complete their education or find job opportunities. Thus, they are often pushed into beggary and sex work in order to make a living for themselves.

Taking an effort to change this scenario, SEESHA has helped 5 transwomen become self-employed by providing:

  • A push cart, stove, vessels, and utensils for two transwomen to start their own tiffin centres
  • Sets of sarees to help two transwomen begin saree sales businesses
  • Cosmetic items and other necessities required for a trained transwoman to begin a beautician business
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  • Motor Vehicles for Differently-Abled

At SEESHA, we recognise individuals for their abilities and not their disabilities. We also believe that, with a little support, the differently-abled can be empowered to live self-sustained lives.

This July, we have distributed 5 retro-fitment motor vehicles to deserving differently-abled persons at a special event in Chennai. Moreover, through the contributions of Karunya University students, retro-fitment motor vehicles, tricycles, wheelchairs and cerebral palsy chairs were also distributed to over 20 differently-abled persons during their convocation ceremony in Coimbatore.

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Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
Founder, SEESHA

A philanthropist and educationist, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran established SEESHA in 2003 as the manifestation of his vision in humanitarian service. His personal motto, "Let's give life" is also the tagline of SEESHA.



"I experienced the amazing consequence of turning my focus away from me to others, and it was indeed life changing!"


"The courses offered free of cost by SEESHA have taken me a step closer to my dream as I have a means to earn and save money."


"Invest in such marginalised children and be blessed, just as I am!"

Our Partners

At the SEESHA Hospital, we believe that quality healthcare services must be available to all.

We make this possible through our expert team of professionals, cost-effective treatment facilities, innovative research findings, diagnostic and surgical camps, and generous contributions made by donors like you!

Watch these featured videos for more on our health mission and to know how you can become a part of it.

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