SEESHA’s ‘Mini Marathon’ – More than 2,400 people across 7 locations run for a social cause.

Children raised in a peaceful and happy environment at home turn out to be the future changemakers of a nation. Yes, indeed, families play an eminent role in the emotional stability and wellbeing of a child. Sadly, many children go through emotional turmoil from their childhood, making them delinquents in the future.

To promote the healthy upbringing of children within nurturing home spaces, SEESHA has been advocating for child safety, the prevention of child abuse, and fostering family well-being, as we know that through empowered families, we can build resilient communities!

In view of Children’s Day and SEESHA’s 20th anniversary celebrations, SEESHA organized childcare awareness mini-marathon events under the theme “Your child’s future is in your hands!” across 7 SEESHA project locations from November 25-27 to highlight the significant role of parents in raising happy children who will be the future changemakers of our great Nation. More than 2,400 people from all walks of life participated with great passion and joy in the mini-marathon campaigns across 7 locations, namely, Frazer Town – Bengaluru, Vandalur – Chennai, Annagramam – Cuddalore, Karunya Nagar – Coimbatore, Mahim West – Mumbai, Vyara – Gujarat, and Ranchi – Jharkhand.

During the events,which were attended enthusiastically by children, the top three winners were awarded medals and gifts by special guests. In recognition of the zeal and fervour showcased in running the race, all the participants were awarded participation certificates.

Here are the highlights of the events in different locations :
1. Bengaluru :

A Walkathon was organized in view of Children’s Day and SEESHA’s 20th anniversary celebrations on November 25th, 2023, in Frazer Town Cantonment, Bengaluru, and was flagged off by the esteemed Chief Guest, Shri.A.C.Srinivas – Pulikeshi Nagar MLA. More than 350 people including 300 children and 50 adults joined the walk to highlight the importance of happy homes for the health and wellbeing of children.

2. Vyara :

The village of Vajpur, Vyara, came alive with the spirit of community and solidarity on November 25th, 2023, as the SEESHA team hosted a mini-marathon that saw an impressive turnout of 240 participants from all walks of life. The event saw the participation of 175 children & youth, who showcased excellent tenacity to run the course. Apart from this, 65 parents also joined the marathon.Mr. Kundan, the village president, presided over the event, which was held to sensitize the general public to the positive message that children need a positive, nurturing environment for their emotional wellbeing.

3. Cuddalore :

The mini-marathon adventure, which was flagged off on November 25th, 2023, from Annagramam BDO Office and ended at Maaligaimedu Road, Melpattambakkam, covering a distance of around 5 km, saw overwhelming participation from more than 550 community members, including 400+ children, young men, and women, displaying excellent tenor and fervour to complete the course. Mr. V.K. Venkatraman, Chief Executive Committee Member & President of Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Cuddalore, presided over the campaign and flagged off the race.

4. Mumbai :

The streets of Mumbai (Mahim West) came alive with the spirit of fitness and community on November 25th, 2023, as the city played host to a vibrant mini-marathon that saw an impressive turnout of 141 participants. The event attracted diverse groups of participants who registered themselves and were eager to take on the challenge of the route through Fishermen Colony (starting point) to St. Xavier Technical Institute, Mahim West (end point). All groups of people united together to foster a message about children’s positive nurturing.

5. Chennai :

On November 26th, 2023, a mini-marathon event under the theme “Your child’s future is in your hands!”, was held in Vandalur - Chennai, presided over by SEESHA’s Trustee - Adv.T. Easwaradhas, and the race was flagged off by Crescent University’s Vice Chancellor - Prof. Dr. T. Murugeson, which witnessed the spirited participation of a total of 350 individuals from different walks of life. The event was flagged off from Crescent University in Vandalur around 6 AM in the morning and ended at the same place with the runners taking the Vandalur - Kelambakkam Road, covering a distance of around 5 kms.

Many children showcased their traditional martial arts skills, such as Silambam and Karate, before the marathon event commenced as well as during the medal distribution ceremony, so it was not just a marathon race but more of a festival, creating much enthusiasm and a spirit of participation among young children.

6. Coimbatore :

On Sunday, November 26th, 2023, the mini-marathon event was held at Iruttupallam, Coimbatore,commemorating Children’s Day and SEESHA’s 20th anniversary. More than 250 people participated in the event, which was flagged off byMr. Senthil Kumar, I.P.S., Superintendent of Police, Coimbatore. The top 3 winners were awarded medals and gifts by SEESHA’s Trustee – Dr. Samuel Thomas. In recognition of their exuberance and zeal in participating in the competition, all the participants were awarded participation certificates.

7. Ranchi :

On November 27, 2023, at 7 a.m., Ranchi witnessed an incredible turnout despite the chilly morning for SEESHA’s mini-marathon campaign. Enthusiastic runners, including children, young people, and adults, laced up their running shoes and hit the streets in support of a crucial cause – 'Your Child’s Future is in Your Hands.'

Around 550 runners from all walks of life joined forces to promote awareness of creating a positive nurturing environment for children within families and society. The event showcased the spirit of unity, health, and support for social causes. From seasoned athletes to first-time runners, every step contributed to making this mini-marathon a resounding success.