SEESHA-Tech Mahindra SMART Training Centre

This project is aimed to equip, employ and empower school dropouts and youth from downtrodden communities.

A number of youngsters today remain unemployable due to lack of quality education and skill-based expertise. Addressing this concern, SEESHA has joined hands with Tech Mahindra in a unique venture to provide certain skill-based training for youth. The training centre in Vanagaram, Chennai will help to empower over 300 students every year through training and job placements.

Three different training courses, namely – automobile service technician training, automobile sheet-metal/welding technician training, and four-wheeler driving and fork-life operator training will be offered completely free of cost for youth from downtrodden and economically backward families. Each of these training programmes will include three months of academy training and one month of on-the-job training at various companies, followed by a permanent employment at one such company. These training programmes have been handpicked in consultation with industry experts by determining the market demand for skilled staff in these areas to ensure that youngsters receive adequate opportunity for employment.