Prison Project at Central Prison, Puzhal

A New lease of life for the prison inmates

In partnership with Tamilnadu prison department, SEESHA began this unique initiative of training inmates. A special skill training project at Central Prison at Puzhal is launched to provide new opportunities for the prison inmates who are soon to be released on completion of sentence. The Government authorities have approved our project activities and has provided effective access to work with the prison inmates.

Value based skill training programmes are implemented by our staffs under the supervision of the prison officers. Occasionally recreation programmes are also conducted for their mental wellbeing. These inmates are provided with new opportunities and will be able to support themselves once they are relieved. The inmates cooperate well with the program to obtain the driving license. At present, 32 inmates are selected and provided quality training in different areas. Our aim is to create sustainable livelihood opportunities, imparting hope and motivation to make progression in their life positively and benefit their communities. We have witnessed a transformation of life of the inmates.

  • Driving classes( four wheeler)
  • Fork lift operator
  • Basic education
  • Personal coaching on ethics
  • Need based Personal psychological session
  • Positive behavioural changes in the inmates
  • Improvement in social and communication skills
  • Access to basic skill training programmes with professional training
  • Greater employment and income scope once released
  • Better chances of leading a productive life
  • Successful reintegration upon release avoiding future offense
  • Engage in useful activities and be productive for their communities