Video Gallery

Why Children Love the School Kit

Children explain why they love the SEESHA School Kit and how it has enriched their learning experience!

The Joy of Dreams Come True

What would happen if you make a child's dream come true? Watch this video to know how you can join SEESHA and make the dreams of 30,000 children come true this year!

Fulfil a Child’s Dream for an Education

Poverty steals away the dreams of children who long for an education. See how a SEESHA School Kit can fulfil this dream!

Educate a Child, Make Dreams Come True

There are big dreams in every little heart! By providing quality education today, we can assure such children a bright tomorrow!

Look Beyond Disability – See Ability

Saravanan walked with his hands, but that didn’t stop him from carrying a dream in his heart! Seeing his WILLPOWER and ABILITY, SEESHA reached out to support him and his life changed overnight! Watch this video to know more about how Saravanan’s life changed and how you can change lives of people like him.

Empowering the Differently-abled

SEESHA’s vision for the differently-abled is to empower them into independent individuals who are able to lead self-sufficient lives without having to depend on others. Watch this video for a glimpse of how we go about making this vision a reality!

Restoring Health, Reviving Families

SEESHA’s team of expert physiotherapists and occupational therapists bring a healing touch to the families of those affected by physical deformities or disabilities that are caused at birth or at a later stage in life. A family shares their experience in this video.

Health Outreach – SEESHA Karunya Community Hospital

SEESHA health outreach projects aim to make quality healthcare affordable to the poor, even in the remotest of communities. Located in Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore, the SEESHA Karunya Community Hospital reaches out to the remote rural communities in the region.

Freedom to enjoy a worry-free old age!

SEESHA brings back hope and happiness into the lives of the aged who have been neglected, rejected or abandoned by their own families. Enjoy the fun video that portrays a day in the life of the elderly in SEESHA’s care.

Little Ones, Big Dreams

At SEESHA, we encourage children to dream, despite the challeging circumstances they grow up in! See how you can join us in helping them make their dreams come true!

New Clothes – A basic need or a distant dream?

Millions of children in India have never worn a new set of clothes! SEESHA is changing this scenario for 100,000 children each year.

Give a Precious Gift – Gift Happiness!

Is there anything in the world that is more precious than the happiness on a child’s face? Watch this video to see how SEESHA spreads happiness among 100,000 children each year.

Happiness in Bright Colours

A small contribution of Rs. 500/- could get a child a set of new clothes. The happiness it brings? Priceless!

Raise a Roof to Build their Future

SEESHA’s newest Child Learning Centre in Gadag needs a roof so that children can study through the rainy season and the hot summers. Partner with us as we strive to help these children pursue their dreams.

Educate a Child, Secure a Future

Education is the solution to problems such as child labour, child marriage and poverty. You can become part of this life-changing solution for thousands of children in India and make them a future that is bright and reflects their childhood dreams!

SEESHA School Kits – Ease Financial Burdens on Needy Families

For families living in poverty, their child’s educational needs are a financial burden. Their dreams of providing their child with quality education remain simply as dreams, due to the lack of resources. SEESHA School Kits ease the burden of such families!

SEESHA School Kits – Make Homework Fun & Easy

SEESHA distributes school kits for children in need across India. This annual initiative equips children for school and prevents drop-outs due to unavailability of resources. In this representational ad, a child enjoys using the SEESHA school kit to finish her homework.

Relief Work – Tamil Nadu Floods (2015)

A comprehensive video on the relief work carried out by SEESHA during the floods in Tamil Nadu in November and December 2015.

SEESHA – What We Do

SEESHA is a non-profit, non-governmental, IS0 9001 and ISO 14001 organisation working towards the holistic development of communities in the areas of education, health, environment and livelihood. Specific programmes of SEESHA cater to children, women, youth, differently-abled, senior citizens as well as disaster victims are some of the groups we work with.