Child & Youth Development

SEESHA nurtures young dreams and moulds children and youth into change-makers of their communities and the nation through a range of tailor-made development projects.

SEESHA focuses on providing children and youth with quality education, equal opportunities, and an environment to develop holistically. By providing the right combination of educational, extra-curricular, and financial support to poor and orphaned children as well as youth, SEESHA aims to inspire dreams among those who, otherwise, do not stand a chance.

Additionally, SEESHA also addresses their physical and emotional needs. These initiatives range from providing them with new clothes, supplying nutritional supplements, training them to fulfil their aspirations for the future, identifying their talents and encouraging their interest in arts and science through various programmes. We also aim to create future leaders by building the leadership qualities of the children and youth we work with.

Our specific projects under the Child & Youth Development programme include:

Child Development Centres

Our child development centres offer free coaching for more than 5000 school-going children in rural and urban-poor communities to provide them with access to quality education.

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School Kits

Every year, over 30,000 educational kits are distributed to children in need across India.

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We promote education among families with a high tendency of dropouts through financial incentives that assist the education of school-going children and college-going youth.

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Road to Leadership

Children from very vulnerable backgrounds are sponsored from their childhood with a vision to enable them become change agents who would find solutions to human problems.

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School Enrichment Programmes

Selected government schools are supported through donations for improved infrastructure, training of teachers, etc. to benefit the children studying in these schools.

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Youth Clubs

We involve in the formation of youth clubs, creating platforms for peer-to-peer sharing and joint community initiatives.

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Orphanage Support

We sponsor the broad needs of children from select Orphanages and Children’s Homes.

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New Clothes Project

Every year, in the Christmas season, SEESHA distributes over 1,00000 new clothes to children from the poorest of the poor communities in India.

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Skill Development Programme

Through Spoken English classes and Computer training courses, we equip them to compete on par with other youngsters for well-reputed jobs.

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Career Guidance

Qualified educationists and career guidance specialists talk to children in higher classes, to help them plan their education and career better.

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SEESHA-Tech Mahindra SMART Training Centre

This project is aimed to equip, employ and empower school dropouts and youth from downtrodden communities.

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