Refund Policy

SEESHA accepts donations only from those who voluntarily and whole-heartedly wish to contribute to support a cause they believe in. Therefore, we do not encourage refund of donations once made towards a cause.

However, in case of an unlikely event such as erroneous payment or if the donor wants to refund the donation made, SEESHA will respond within 7 working days from the date of receiving the complaint from the donor.

The timely refund of the wrongly remitted amount will depend on type of card used during transaction. We would require a proof of payment of the donation amount and a written communication for refund from the donor within two days after donation.

  • In such cases if the receipt already has been issued, then the Donor need to return the original receipt at our official address.
  • In the case of tax exemption certificate already issued, refund will not be possible.

We can be contacted for refund request through the following:

*International donations will require more working days for refund