Women Empowerment

At SEESHA, we transform shy, uneducated women into empowered individuals through trainings and development programmes.

For centuries, women have been denied the opportunities and the recognition they deserve. It has taken innumerable efforts by several people, remembered and forgotten, to bring women to where they have reached today. Although much progress has been made, it is undeniable that women in India still have a long way to come in terms of empowerment.

At SEESHA, we have strong faith in the innate power of every woman. We believe that, with the right thrust, this power within her can be unleashed for the betterment of the society. This is what brings us to our work with women in the poorest, most backward communities in India, especially those who have faced economic, social and cultural exploitation.

Vocational Training

Through vocational training centres located in different parts of India, we train women in tailoring, computer skills, bag making, soft toy manufacturing, etc

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Mothers’ Groups and Self-Help Groups

Bringing women together through Mother’s groups and Self-Help groups, SEESHA brings about awareness and collective development.

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Community Health Facilitators

We identify and train motivate women to become local ambassadors for health in their respective communities.

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Awareness Programmes

Seeing women as the strongest warriors of health and the environment, we train them to follow best practices in their families.

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Entrepreneurial Development

Training, technical support and financial assistance is given to women aspiring to take on entrepreneurial ventures.

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Livelihood Support

We support women-headed households with a monthly financial incentive, to complement their family income.

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SEESHA – DXC Technology - Skills Development

SEESHA, in partnership with DXC Technology-India, has been conducting several in-demand skills development trainings to empower women from downtrodden communities.

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