SEESHA Mobile Clinic

SEESHA’s Healthcare on wheels

Even though access to affordable quality healthcare is the right of every person, people living in marginalized rural communities suffer from inadequate healthcare facilities and shortage of critical medicines. SEESHA’s health outreach extends to these remote rural and tribal communities where access to advanced medical care is limited.

In order to promote health awareness and to bring quality healthcare services to doorsteps for the marginalized, a mobile clinic service was launched more than two years back by SEESHA as part of our health outreach programme, to cater to the healthcare needs of rural poor and Tribal communities living in Coimbatore district. The mobile clinic is fully equipped with a Doctor, medical assistants, a social worker and a driver, and covers about three villages a day, treating patients close to their homes and offering common medicines free of cost.

SEESHA’s mobile clinic reaches out to the remote tribal villages around Coimbatore with healthcare services such as general consultation, awareness campaigns, distribution of health & sanitation kits, fever screening, monitoring oxygen saturation, providing free medicines for common ailments, administering COVID-19 vaccines for the unreached vulnerable population, sensitizing communities about the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccination, to reduce the spread of the infectious disease. In association with the local Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC), the SEESHA mobile clinic is also offering childhood immunizations to the community children.