Family-Focussed Community Development

Family-Focussed Community Development

The importance of strong parents, healthy families, and well-adjusted children, has been what strong social groups have been based on for many years. These aspects of the stable nation have changed over the past several generations. In essence, we have lost touch with the original concept of the family and have replaced it with a different model, nearly destroying the concept of family in the process.

The reason that the family systems model followed by SEESHA (which is not the same as the social family model) works in helping individuals define their own lives in that the conceptual focus is on the family system as a whole, and not on one individual member. Individual symptoms are viewed as by-products of relationship struggles, situations that are inherent in growing up in a group of other people, whether biological family members or not. SEESHA’s Interventions are thus geared toward understanding each individual's behavior patterns, roles and functions, and how they fit into the complex matrix of the specific family system.


SEESHA works with poorest of the poor families living in deprived communities across India with the aim of:

  • Restoring dysfunctional families
  • Strengthening existing families
  • Creating a caring family for the destitute
Healthcare for Family

In an effort to serve the neglected, care for the underprivileged families and transform their lives for the better,SEESHA’s Community Health Outreach Programme is extending quality healthcare services to remote villages, slums and the unreached tribal communities, where access to advanced medical care is limited.

In September 2019, SEESHA Karunya Community Hospital launched a special health scheme for the welfare of tribal people. Around 400 marginalized families from tribal communities will be benefited by this scheme. The beneficiary families covered by the SEESHA medical scheme will be provided free consultation and will be exempt from admission charges upon hospitalization. Under the scheme, the in-patients can avail 10-20% discounts for necessary diagnostic tests and medical procedures.