Awareness Programmes and Health Trainings

SEESHA considers women to be the strongest warriors of health and the environment, training them to follow best practices in their families.

Health Trainings

Trainings are organized on creating awareness about such topics in the communities wherein we work. The common topics of our awareness programmes include:

  • Nutrition and healthy diet
  • Common disease symptoms, their treatment and prevention
  • Sexual reproductive health
  • How to deal with disability among children
Environmental Initiatives

SEESHA’s Go Green initiative for women include effective trainings to help them understand the importance of tree planting for a clean and green environment, the hazards of plastic and other toxic use, etc. They are also equipped to carry out effective and efficient waste and water management in their homes and their communities.

We also lead women in initiatives to sensitize the general public about the need for conserving our environment through environmental campaigns.

The followings are our main focus areas:
  • Effective waste management
  • Effective water management
  • Beach and community clean-ups
  • Kitchen gardens