Child Development Centres

Our child development centres offer free coaching for more than 5000 school-going children in poverty-stricken urban slum and rural communities.

The primary aim of SEESHA’s Child Development Centres is to support first-generation learners in slums and rural areas where access to quality education is limited. The children who attend the free evening tuitions are those who come from poverty-stricken families. Most of their parents are uneducated, and are unable to help them with school work and assignments.

  • Plugging in gaps that prevent children from availing quality education by providing supervised study sessions and intensive coaching in core subjects like English, Math and Science.
  • Preventing children from becoming involved in anti-social activities which are rampant in urban slums by engaging them in constructive activity every evening.
  • Breaking the barriers that divide people of different castes in villages, by ensuring that children from all caste groups study and participate together.
  • Involving parents in the education and overall development of their children by insisting on periodic meetings.
  • Promoting health and hygiene by organising medical checkups, and health awareness programmes.
  • Making children environmentally responsible by encouraging them to participate in campaigns to conserve water, plant trees and to sensitize the society.