Service to the Elderly

SEESHA reaches out to the elderly who are abandoned and destitute in order to assure them a healthy and dignified retired life.

One of the handicaps of urbanization is that one does not have time for family. Day after day, we see elderly people being abandoned by their own families, and forced to enter the streets out of sheer deprivation. Although several organisations run homes wherein the destitute elderly are provided food, shelter and medical care, most of the elders staying in such facilities live lonely, unhappy lives.

Our services to the elderly include:

SEESHA Old Age Care Home

Located at Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore, the SEESHA Old Age Care Home is a cosy home for senior citizens who have either become orphaned or have been abandoned by their families.

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Outreach in Villages

Through monthly gatherings, financial and psycho-social support, we reach out to the elderly in communities where we work.

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Proposed Integrated Village

With a capacity to house upto 300 elderly persons, this village will foster healthy relationships among senior citizens who live away from their families.

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