School Kit

Education is a vital investment for human and economic development. In our fast-developing nation, there are still thousands of first-generation learners who abandon their education each year, due to lack of funds to pay for their schooling expenses. These children who drop-out of school, are the most susceptible victims of child labour and child marriage; moreover, the lack of education offer them no real escape from poverty.

SEESHA extends its support for the educational advancement of the socio-economically deprived communities by focussing on providing children and youth with quality education, equal opportunities, and a safe environment for holistic development. To motivate the deprived children to continue their education and prevent them from dropping out of school, SEESHA started an initiative called ‘School Kit project’, in the year 2008.

With just 500 school kits in 2008, this project has grown incredibly over the years, to 30,000 school kits in the year 2016. Through this venture, SEESHA has been instrumental in sending an equivalent number of children to school. At the beginning of every academic year, several thousands of students receive over 14 educational essentials in a SEESHA school kit.

Each school kit includes a school bag, a water bottle, a notebook, pens, pencils, and other stationery items. Such a school kit is much more than just a pack of essential items; it is a powerful tool that boosts the self-confidence of children, gives them the motivation to go to school, and prevents them from dropping-out of school due to lack of resources their parents cannot afford. This, in turn, helps them to acquire an education which will assure them a better future.

30,000 school kits are distributed to deserving children at the beginning of each academic year.

We depend on your generous contributions to help several thousands of children to receive the school kits to continue their education without interruptions. It takes just Rs.500/- to gift a school kit to a child. You can sponsor one or more school kits to help the children to pursue their education and aiding them to gain hope for their future. We look forward to your Support!

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