SEESHA’s work is channelized to reach out to persons from all sections of society.

VOLUNTEER - Dr. Angelin Rajaratnam, M.D.

“I thank God for the incredible opportunity to volunteer with SEESHA. I contacted the SEESHA leadership in December of 2014 and expressed my interest to volunteer and share my experience in health and community development. It took nearly one year to see this vision come to fruition, but God equipped me during the months leading up to my visit, for the work He had so precisely designed.

In short, my time in India was, fulfilling, enlightening and life changing. The satisfaction was a result of the staff and volunteers who were extremely hospitable and exceptionally caring. I felt at home solely because of the people I was surrounded by.

I was truly moved by the sizable needs among women on issues pertaining to sexual and reproductive health, in both urban slums and rural villages. With the support of the SEESHA team, I interviewed many women and discussed these somewhat neglected, but essential topics. As a result, we were able to not only understand their needs, but we succeeded in educating and empowering them.

Through this trip, I experienced the amazing consequence of turning my focus away from me to others, and it was indeed life changing! I wait in eager anticipation to continue this journey in the days to come.”

Dr. Angelin Rajaratnam
General Physician


“My name is Amala. I live with my husband in Babukullam, a small village in Tamil Nadu. I am now 26 years old. Until about one year ago, I had not stepped out of my house without my husband. I was shy and ignorant. During the long hours when my husband was at work, I would do nothing useful, spending many hours sleeping.

One day, a SEESHA field worker knocked on my door. That was the day my life began to change. My husband was very supportive when I decided to enrol for the free tailoring course given by SEESHA. After six months of training, I started stitching my own clothes using the sewing machine given by SEESHA. I was delighted by the mony I was able to save. Slowly, SEESHA gave me the confidence to start my own home-based tailoring business. Today, I am an earning member of my family!

Not only this, SEESHA trained me to become a Community Health Facilitator in my own village. Now I spend my days usefully, meeting people and teaching them about healthy lifestyles, hygiene, the importance of kitchen gardens, healthy diet, etc. I thank SEESHA for bringing this transformation in my life!”

Mrs. Amala
Community Health Facilitator,

Donor – Mr. M. Dinakaran

“Children are our future. The best investment in life is to help the poorest of the poor, and I do this through SEESHA. Invest in such marginalised children and be blessed, just as I am!”

Mr. M. Dinakaran