Healthcare in Communities

We ensure community involvement in a range of our health programmes.

Medical camps and surgical camps are organized by SEESHA for the benefit of communities which are far from healthcare facilities, and also those people who cannot afford regular checkups.

Blood Donation Camps are organised, jointly with blood banks, in aid of Thalassemia patients every year. These camps are conducted in urban setups and encourage donors to contribute towards saving human lives.

SEESHA conducts health awareness campaigns in schools, among youth groups and women in the communities we work with, stressing on good hygiene, cleanliness, and healthy diet. We also make them aware about the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention methods for various diseases.

Motivated women from the SEESHA adopted villages, who have a thirst for learning and a passion to serve their communities, are specifically trained by SEESHA to become Community Health Facilitators. They act as health ambassadors, promoting health and preventing disease in their own local communities.